Frequently Asked Questions

What is INDERMIL® flexifuze?
INDERMIL® flexifuze Topical Tissue Adhesive is a sterile, liquid topical tissue adhesive composed of an Octyl blend cyanoacrylate formulation.

Where is INDERMIL® flexifuze used?
INDERMIL® flexifuze is used by medical professionals in the Emergency room or Operating room. INDERMIL® flexifuze™ is indicated for the closure of skin wounds, including laparoscopic incisions and trauma-induced lacerations and may be used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches.

Why should I choose INDERMIL® flexifuze?
INDERMIL® flexifuze is a flexible, strong wound closure adhesive that works fast without additional pain to the patient. The patient can also shower immediately after the adhesive has polymerised.

The patented brush tip technology allows for uniform dispense giving optimum wound coverage.

Will INDERMIL® flexifuze heat up when applied to the skin?

No, there is no discernible increase in heat during the polymerisation of the adhesive on skin.

How is INDERMIL® flexifuze supplied?

INDERMIL flexifuze is supplied in a see through device composed of a glass ampoule, plastic tube and tip. An alternate silicone brush tip is also supplied in the blister pack.
There are 12 blister packs per carton.

What is the shelf life of INDERMIL® flexifuze?

The shelf life of INDERMIL® flexifuze is 24 months when stored at room temperature 4-30°C.

How many times can I use INDERMIL® flexifuze?

An INDERMIL flexifuze device comes with 0.75g of adhesive and an extended working life which allows for enough time and adhesive for multiple uses on a single patient.

Can INDERMIL® flexifuze be used inside the body?

INDERMIL flexifuze is only indicated for use topically.

If required, can the wound be re-opened after the adhesive is dried?

In the very rare case, where a healthcare professional needs to access the wound, sterile warm saline solution can be gently applied to the wound to remove the cured adhesive.